Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year...!

Haha! So I know that we are already 11 days into the new year, but I have been busy working on a few resolutions. So far so good :) 1. Mental heath 2. Alcohol consumption down 3. Saving $

I know that #3 is part of this blog but last year was a difficult one. And trying to save money near the holidays is almost impossible for our family. Too much that we want to do and not enough money to do it. That is always been our battle.
1. Mental health: has been ok, my spirits are up, hubby and I are talking more.
2. I have only had 1 drink since last year.
3. Still working on that one...and although I have not put anything into savings I have been deal shopping instead of paying retail prices.

So before Christmas hubby and I were talking new phones but he is not really into phones as long as it does what he wants it to: Call, text, online. He previously had the iPhone, I am not a fan at all. I am an Android, and I have wanted the Samsung Galaxy S3. So the first week of January his brother informed us that it was on sale at Staples for only $50!!! I jumped at it! So now we are both on Android with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

These are not our actual phones, photo credit: The Telegraph

I got the white and hubby got the blue.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year, Trouble Printing

Ok so I hope that I don't cross any lines by sharing this, if I do I am sorry. But this is what I have been working on... Lime Tree Freebies!
I ordered the A4 size paper so that I could print it for my A5 Malden. Here in the states regular 8.5x11 paper cut in half does not fit properly. So I had to order it.
I was super excited that I found a place that I can go order it and get free shipping to my house, with no minimum order. :)
And then when I started to print it came out looking like this...
Granted this is black and white, every page looked like this. No matter what I did I could not get it to print properly. And today I found the booklet setting on my printer and I got it to print properly. YAY!!!!
Now I have the weeks to print, 2 down 50 more to go, hopefully I don't run out of ink ... hahaha!
. Phew! that was hard but here are the months in my beautiful Aston :) I have printed out about a month of the weeks but haven't started to even cut them out yet...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Malden on sale at Filofax!

I have wanted the Malden in personal size for a while and just found out that it is on sale for today only! 25% off!
Yes I know that I have the A5 Malden already but I plan on using that for my journal at home as well as information that I do not need to carry around with me on a daily basis.
I have found that my Domino personal size is getting knicked up really easily, my Aston is sitting on the shelf. I would like to try to get back into the Aston but there are features that the Malden has that I like better.
But the Malden personal size is one that I really want!

Friday, November 30, 2012

My new Filofax!

So I received my new Filofax on Wednesday. I bought a Domino in personal size and so far I am in love all over again!

This isn't the exact color that I bought. I got the deep violet which was half off during the Thanksgiving holiday.
I was leaving the Aston at home a lot because I wasn't able to turn the pages well and it just had too much. I am still just carrying it in my hand as I haven't found a handbag that goes well. I have quite a few old handbags that I am going through... Anyways, the domino came with a 2013 week on two pages that I do not intend on using and I would love to send it to someone who may want it. Just comment below with your email so that I may contact you :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Can't wait

I currently am waiting until I can afford the Malden personal size. As I said in my last post I need something with a bigger ring size. I did some research and I don't thing that I am going to find what I really want which is the Finchley in personal.
I guess when I am finally able to get one of those, dang it I got distracted and lost my train of thought...

More later...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Should I upsize or do they have a Filofax with a larger ring size?

OK... so here is what I carry in my hand everyday...

My personal size Aston and a little card case that hold about 6 cards nicely. I went to the University bookstore and found the little card case for only $6. I really like it because I don't really need to carry much more than it holds. :) But the first day I had it I found out that is doesn't really hold its shape too well when sat on, so it stays in my coat pocket with my lip balm. Oh back to the topic, ha ha. I use my Filofax for everything. I am a very forgetful girl so I write down everything. I even write down when hubby and I are intimate, shh don't tell him I told you that.
Yes my Aston is really full. 172 pages as of 27 September 2012, not including the many accessory items that I have in there. Since I have been adding and taking out multiple things.
Here is what I have in mine:
~zip pocket
~jot pad
~ sticker page/stickers
~ sticky notes tab
~ calendar/schedule which i use for most everything...
~ tab sections that takes up most of it I have made my own little tabs within each major tab
~ shopping list
~ tic tac toe my daughter and I play while waiting to pick up my son
~ travel plans/ideas
~ To Do this is where I keep extra to do pages
~ Storage a list of things that are needed in the storage unit or to bring home from
~ Daily time schedule
~ Cleaning schedule right now it is a basic idea of what I do or need to be doing
~ TV shows I sometimes forget what channel or when they are on
~ Filofaxes that have the full width pocket I want to get one to use as a wallet
~ Things that I want/need
Then I have a flyleaf so that if I need to make a new list I can flip right to a blank page
~This is where I have my 365/30 list from Philofaxy
I have tabs for my two kids and each vehicle and things that need to be done as well as a record of what has been done like for a vehicle it would be when the tabs are due or when the brakes were last done
~ Extra cards
~ top loading pocket I have Canadian $5 and two $2 which are kinda rare :)
~ envelope for cash
~ slant pocket for receipts from day timer
~ finance pages with tabs for different accounts We keep our grocery money separate from bills and spending money. And I help my dad keep track of how much money he has.
~ Under this tab I keep a list of insert pages that I want to get, local Filofax retailers, and in my A-Z tabs I keep local business listings with address, phone and hours.
There have been many times that I pull up to a business and have to find out when they open/close. It sucks to get in there and find out they close in 5 minutes.

Phew that was alot. Time for a break... :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My new Filofax obsession!

So at the beginning of this month I was in search of a new planner. The ones that I have had just were not cutting it anymore...So I went on YouTube and started watching a few videos and came across one called (Filofax dupe). I thought...what is a Filofax??? I put that in a search and came up with so many cute planners and what people had in their Filofaxes. It was AMAZING!!! I was instantly hooked!
I started off with the Domino pocket size. I used it for about a week.

And then ordered the Aston personal size. And I have found so many things to do with this. Task lists, daily journal, important information, keep track of spending, 365/30 day lists, and so much more that I have yet to explore!
I also bought the Malden A5 size but have yet to use it. I am still not sure I want to carry around that size as I do not carry a handbag on a daily basis.

So far it is my phone in my pocket and my Aston in hand and out the door I go :)