Friday, November 30, 2012

My new Filofax!

So I received my new Filofax on Wednesday. I bought a Domino in personal size and so far I am in love all over again!

This isn't the exact color that I bought. I got the deep violet which was half off during the Thanksgiving holiday.
I was leaving the Aston at home a lot because I wasn't able to turn the pages well and it just had too much. I am still just carrying it in my hand as I haven't found a handbag that goes well. I have quite a few old handbags that I am going through... Anyways, the domino came with a 2013 week on two pages that I do not intend on using and I would love to send it to someone who may want it. Just comment below with your email so that I may contact you :)


  1. Beautiful filofax! Um, you didn't mention the size of your Domino, but I wonder if it is the Personal size. I ask because I've got a Sketch Personal size and I bought a PPD calendar for it, then, as I tried to use it it turned out to be so think, so much, that I couldn't fit anything else comfortably, so I had to give in and use the Wo2P. Would love to read what your plans are for the Domino and what type of calendar will you be using. :-)

    Then, I've been thinking about getting a filofax for a friend of mine for Christmas. How does this work compared to other filofaxes? Space? is the elastic band sturdy enough? Does it get caught if you put it in your bag?

  2. Yeah I do believe I said what size it is but again it is a Personal size. I was actually using an Aston before and couldn't turn my pages in it, it was too full. So this one I had to really think about what I actually need to carry around with me every day. And for right now I carry it in my hand but need to find a handbag that I can put it in cause the rainy season has started here. :)