Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My new Filofax obsession!

So at the beginning of this month I was in search of a new planner. The ones that I have had just were not cutting it anymore...So I went on YouTube and started watching a few videos and came across one called (Filofax dupe). I thought...what is a Filofax??? I put that in a search and came up with so many cute planners and what people had in their Filofaxes. It was AMAZING!!! I was instantly hooked!
I started off with the Domino pocket size. I used it for about a week.

And then ordered the Aston personal size. And I have found so many things to do with this. Task lists, daily journal, important information, keep track of spending, 365/30 day lists, and so much more that I have yet to explore!
I also bought the Malden A5 size but have yet to use it. I am still not sure I want to carry around that size as I do not carry a handbag on a daily basis.

So far it is my phone in my pocket and my Aston in hand and out the door I go :)

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